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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on contacting American Honda Finance customer service. As a leading player in the automotive industry, American Honda Finance understands the importance of providing top-notch customer support. In this blog post, we will walk you through the process of reaching out to American Honda Finance and highlight the significance of maintaining a friendly tone when interacting with customer service representatives.

Why You Might Need to Contact American Honda Finance:

At some point in your journey as a Honda vehicle owner or lessee, you may find the need to contact American Honda Finance. Here are a few common scenarios where reaching out to customer service can be beneficial:

1. Account Inquiries: If you have questions about your account balance, transactions, or need assistance with managing your account online, contacting American Honda Finance can provide the answers you seek.

2. Payment Issues: In case you encounter any difficulties making payments or need guidance on setting up automatic payments, customer service is there to help you resolve these concerns.

3. Lease-End Questions: If you are approaching the end of your lease agreement and have queries about the lease return process, options for purchasing or leasing a new Honda vehicle, or any other related concerns, reaching out to American Honda Finance is a wise move.

4. General Feedback: Whether you have suggestions, complaints, or compliments, customer service is the right channel to share your thoughts and have them heard by American Honda Finance.

How to Locate the American Honda Finance Phone Number:

Finding the American Honda Finance phone number is a breeze. You have several options to locate it:

1. Official Website: The American Honda Finance official website is the primary source of information. Navigate to the "Contact Us" page, and you will find the phone number listed prominently.

2. Mobile App: If you have the American Honda Finance mobile app installed on your device, you can easily access the phone number within the app's menu or contact section.

3. Billing Statements: Your monthly billing statements from American Honda Finance also include the customer service phone number for your convenience. Make sure to check your statements regularly to have the number readily available when needed.

Remember to bookmark the phone number on your phone or write it down for easy access in the future.

Dialing the Number and Getting Connected:

Now that you have the American Honda Finance phone number, let's guide you through the process of dialing and getting connected:

1. Dial the Number: Using your phone's keypad, dial the American Honda Finance phone number exactly as provided. Be sure to double-check the number before placing the call to avoid any potential errors.

2. Follow Prompts: Once connected, you may encounter a series of prompts or automated options. Listen carefully and follow the instructions to navigate to the appropriate department or menu option that best matches your query.

3. Have Important Details Ready: To expedite your call and receive efficient assistance, it's a good idea to have important details readily available. This includes your account number, vehicle identification number (VIN), and any relevant documents or information related to your inquiry.

Tips for a Successful Call:

To make the most out of your call and ensure a successful interaction with American Honda Finance customer service, consider the following tips:

1. Patience and Understanding: Customer service representatives are there to assist you, but they may be handling multiple calls simultaneously. Be patient while waiting for your turn and maintain a friendly and understanding tone throughout the conversation.

2. Prepare Specific Questions or Concerns: Before placing the call, jot down specific questions or concerns you wish to address. This will help you stay focused and ensure that you cover all the necessary points during the call.

3. Stay Friendly and Respectful: Remember, a friendly and respectful tone goes a long way in fostering positive communication. Treat the customer service representative with courtesy and professionalism, and you'll have a more pleasant experience.

Alternative Communication Channels:

While the phone remains a popular choice for contacting American Honda Finance, there are alternative communication channels available:

1. Online Chat Support: The American Honda Finance website may offer an online chat feature, allowing you to chat with a customer service representative in real-time. This can be a convenient option if you prefer typing out your queries or need immediate assistance.

2. Email Contacts: If your query is non-urgent or requires a more detailed explanation, you can reach out to American Honda Finance via email. Check the official website for dedicated email addresses for different types of inquiries.

3. Social Media Platforms: American Honda Finance may have an active presence on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. While these platforms may not provide in-depth assistance, they can be useful for general inquiries or quick updates.

Consider the advantages and limitations of these alternative channels compared to phone calls to choose the most suitable method for your needs.


In this guide, we have explored the various aspects of contacting American Honda Finance customer service via phone. We discussed common reasons why you may need to reach out, highlighted where to find the phone number, provided instructions on dialing and getting connected, and shared tips for a successful call. Additionally, we mentioned alternative communication channels for your convenience.

Remember, maintaining a friendly and respectful tone throughout your interaction with customer service representatives will contribute to a positive experience. American Honda Finance is committed to excellent customer service, and we thank you for choosing our services.

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